Realising high automation.

The MCS Evolution is the standard control for all Schelling machines and plants. Based on Windows, it is quick to understand and easy to operate. The training course teaches professional operation of the control and practical tips.

The topics that are taught include entering amounts and formats, creating cutting plans, recognising potential errors in advance, editing cutting plans as well as the cutting of individual formats. The handling of the control is carried out directly on the machine using practical examples. You are also familiarised with the handling of the automation with the goal of realising a high degree of automation right from the start.


Basic principles
Deepening and consolidating theoretical and practical knowledge. Entering amounts and sizes. Creating and editing cutting plans. Cutting-to-size of individual formats.

Error detection
Learn to recognise and rectify errors in advance.

Get to know and use the many automation possibilities.

Experience the interaction of machine and plant using practical examples. Discover tips and tricks for the cutting.


06/ 1/15

06/ 1/15
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Das beste Jahr in der Geschichte von Schelling

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