Wood materials

Utilise wooden boards faster, more gently, and nearly without any waste.

The wooden materials market is changing. New materials promise new applications, designs, opportunities, and markets. However, they also require custom processing. Sensitive and textured surfaces need to be treated gently, and expensive materials require highest utilization.

That's why SCHELLING manufactures pioneering cut-to-size saws and plants. They get the most out of both proven and innovative materials. Including high precision and increased productivity. With high operating comfort and reliability in continuous operation.

This equips industry and demanding craftsmen for future challenges: For a high level of rationalisation, potent single board and book cutting, automated batch-size production, and much more.




  • Storage lengths up to 100 m and more
  • Storage areas from 4 to 20 m wide
  • Speedy handling
  • High area utilisation
  • Rapid interplay of controls, saw, storage, and user
  • Management of large and small rest parts
  • Universal safety concept
  • Weight-optimised dual-beam design with low construction height
  • Trolley with scissor-type lifting system
  • Vacuum traversing beam featuring corner suction cups and up to 6 individually controllable vacuum groups
  • The saws and storage system operate independently
  • Block storage administration

Metal Materials